Lehmann & Lehmann is the first stop on the way of creating a new and better you. Our motto: Do what you love. Break all the rules. Give more than you take. Quit everything else. Look for opportunities, not obstacles. In short, be your best self – not the second best version of someone else.

Lutz Lehmann

A sharp business mind combined with a creative touch, Lutz is known for his uncanny ability of getting to the core of any business model, infusing companies with new life, purpose and vision.

With a background in electrical engineering, he works with European companies helping them to establish lucrative, multi-million dollar subsidiaries in the US.

After many years in the management and consulting field, Lutz enjoys working with entrepreneurs building businesses from the ground up that are innovative, heart centered and affluent.

Karin Lehmann

An adventurer and globe trotter at heart, Karin lives by her own rules: Enjoying life doing what she loves and using her passions to serve others.

Recognized as an expert in her field for her ability to laser in on a person’s unique qualities, she has helped thousands of people in building their dream lives, finding their ideal partners, and creating lucrative businesses they love.

Today, after more than 17 years in the consulting and mentoring field, Karin enjoys conducting workshops, trainings, and personal consulting sessions in Europe and the US, showing people how to use their brilliance to create passionate lifestyles, relationships, and careers.

Karin’s belief has enabled me to go for the life I envisioned for myself, but which previously did not seem possible. I will always be grateful to her for helping me realize my dreams! J. Gardner

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